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"Don (Doop) Duprie is an extraordinary writer and the Inside Outlaws provide the perfect soundtrack to the stories Don tells through his songs...If you've ever been laid off, blown off, pissed off or pissed on you'll find a song on this album that fits the mood. If you've ever broken somebody's heart or had your heart broken, you'll find songs about that too." - AmericanaDaily.com

Read the full review here - http://www.americanadaily.com/2011/12/doop-and-inside-outlaws-what-am-i.html.

"That's how good this guy is - we know that a new album "What am I supposed to do?" from Don Duprie and his outlaws is going to be quality. The songs are honest, raw and heartfelt, but that vein of Detroit filth and gasoline is running straight through it, giving this country music an edge that our friends to the south will never be able to match." - Brett Callwood, Detroit Metro Times

"Everett Belcher is definitely a late entry into my top 10 of 2009 list! We have had so much great music come out of Detroit. I think hands down the best songwriter we now have to offer the Americana World is Don "Doop" Duprie. Check him out! - Don Zelazny, AmericanaRoots.com

"From the first strum of the acoustic guitar on the album opener "Everett Belcher," Doop stakes his claim as Detroit's Bruce Springsteen. Meshing The Boss and his New Jersey tales with John Mellencamp's odes to Indiana, Doop fills Everett Belcher with bits and flecks of Detroit." -Eric Allen, Real Detroit Weekly

"Blood River by Doop & the Inside Outlaws is the real deal - a raw, honest mix of workingman's country and rock 'n roll from the heartland that swaggers like The Waco Brothers." -Cat (Radio Free Americana DJ)

"True country music loyalists rejoice! 'Blood River' has more twang than you can shake a stick at, but it packs enough wallop to not be categorized as a "tear in my beer" country album. This album rocks harder than most country CDs I've heard. There's attitude a plenty." - Ray Anderson, TheCelebrityCafe.com 


Don talked with Michigan Radio about living and writing music Downriver.

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Don talked with Dave Marsh of Sirius radio's "Kick Out the Jams" in January 2012 about music, inspiration and Detroit. Dave called the title track of What am I Supposed to Do? "one of the great songs of the New Depression."

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Doop talked with Dick Gordon of American Public Media's "The Story" about expressing economic disappointment and frustration through his music for two separate national public radio interviews.



Don talks to the Metro Times about his musical influences, the songwriting craft, and the Inside Outlaws.

Read the article here: ​​http://www.metrotimes.com/detroit/working-mans-blues/Content?oid=2196981x